Tackling technology in times of trouble.


The growing use of technology in all aspects of our business and personal lives has created a new and continually evolving risk class. The rise in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has demanded a multi-disciplinary approach to the numerous and complex cyber threats businesses now face.

We provide an end-to-end solution for cyber claims management 24/7 across all jurisdictions and product classes. Our in-house expertise in crisis management, IT forensics, business interruption, forensic accounting, class action management, extortion negotiation, and claims management ensure that all exposures are quickly identified and contained.

Our clients can call on our dedicated international division of loss adjusters and industry experts specializing in cyber incident response, crisis management, root cause analysis, scope, and cost containment.

Our international vendor portal enables our clients to access the full range of expert services associated with a cyber incident for either an individual event or as part of an affinity scheme or delegated authority scheme.

Our dedicated team is on hand to provide you with the support and expert assistance as part of the risk management process or at the time of a claim.

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