Energy and Power

The Energy and Power sectors remain one of the most essential industrial operations on the planet.

Energy and Power

GRS has a market-leading team of experienced professionals who are well versed in the entire range of risks that affect those operating within the sector.

The team has extensive experience in upstream, mid, downstream, and conventional power generation. Our solutions are delivered by multidisciplinary teams blending the requisite technical and adjusting knowledge.

We provide expert services across all technical/engineering disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, civil/structural, and chemical.

As you would expect, our teams have extensive experience in all areas of Construction risk (CAR/EAR and DSU), and Operational – physical damage, time element (BI), and associated specialist liabilities, including pollution and contamination.

Our specialist mid-stream teams are well versed in all aspects of refinery, petrochemical, pipeline, and gas plant losses, including catastrophic loss management, with on-site project management.

We have in-depth knowledge of high-value rotating equipment losses, including gas and steam turbines, electrical generators, and transformers.

The power generation sector is undergoing significant and fundamental change, and with it comes new challenges.

Be it thermal, geothermal, nuclear, and hydroelectric power generation; the market is wrestling with the dynamics of a transfer to more renewable energy sources. While firms look to invest in renewable projects, the traditional power generation sources’ ongoing operation comes with greater complexity and new risks such as a cyber threat.

Our dedicated teams understand both the risks and the potential outcomes should a loss occur and deliver tangible benefits to principals.

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