The growth in the global renewables energy sector has been as significant as it has been rapid.


The world’s move towards sustainability goals has placed an emphasis on the use and scale of renewable projects across the globe. The onshore Wind, Solar, Bio, Hydro, and Geo sectors require an expert response when a claim arises.

We have a dedicated team solely handling renewable energy losses globally, with our loss adjusters and sector-specific technical engineers providing a comprehensive solution and service. We have built a team with market-leading renewables energy risk knowledge, allowing early identification of loss trends and defects. Our sector specialism allows practical loss mitigation, repair options, and salvage recommendations.

Our global footprint allows real practical insight into legal and technical issues at a local level, resulting in a seamless claims management service.

Our expertise and speed of response also extends to the offshore renewables sector. The team delivers market-leading experience of offshore wind risks, including construction and operational risks. Our offshore team is fully qualified and highly experienced.

Advances in solar, wave, and tidal risks come with unique risk profiles, and our team has been working with clients across the world to provide the advice, support, and services that make our solutions stand out from the rest of the market.

We bring clarity to a complex and fast-moving claims environment.

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