Forensic Accounting

The growth in the use of technology and the complexity within the global financial system is a tangible threat.

Forensic Accounting

From accounting misstatement, a potential regulatory breach or suspected fraud exposures are increasing along with claims. The need for a swift expert and independent investigation is vital to identify the issue at the heart of the problem and stem any further deterioration of any claim.

It requires the right people at the right time armed with the right skills to work with the clients to guide them through the whole process and advise on the appropriate action to limit further exposure.

There is now a need to have the capability to analyze significant levels of both electronic and hard copy data and to have the expertise to dig deeper and get to the facts behind the claim or issue at hand.

Our dedicated, qualified, and expert in-house forensic accountancy division have developed a specific methodology to support a rigorous adjusting approach and early evaluation of time element for claim exposures and mitigation opportunities.

Time and time again, our teams’ synergies with the adjusting teams result in efficiencies both in costs and time for principals.

Our team of technology-enabled forensic accountants has the accounting and investigative expertise and audit knowledge, combined with years of experience across the world, to make a real difference when it is most needed.

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