Risk Engineering

Safety and risk concerns are of paramount importance in a wide variety of complex engineering activities such as offshore operations, petroleum refining, and mineral processing.

Risk Engineering

Our Risk Engineering teams deliver a comprehensive set of engineering skills and methodologies dedicated to the efficient and effective management of risk.

Those tasks involve hazard identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation, and risk treatment. Today, there is a wide range of techniques available to assess safety, risk, and reliability, both in relation to design and day-to-day operations.

These techniques are now an integral part of safety-related regulations of hazardous facilities and operations, which can all too often be a regulatory requirement. We have created dedicated teams of adjusters with extensive experience in all engineering disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, and marine engineering.

Industries worldwide recognize that machinery is continuously at risk of failure, and the increased use of technology in the engineering and manufacturing process only adds to the complexity businesses face.

The impact of machinery failure can be broad, but it is rarely minor. The fear of forced closure of operation is real, and the response needs to be swift and expert given the complex nature of engineering failure.

Prevention is better than the cure. Our teams provide a wide range of risk management solutions across industries and business.

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