Beverley Black

UK Head of Finance and Forensic Accountant


Beverley Black joined GRS in 2020, with dual responsibilities as its UK head of finance and as forensic accountant on complex claims. Beverley has worked as a company accountant in a wide variety of industries. For the past decade, she has focused on forensic accounting on large and complex losses requiring an accurate understanding and assessment of the financial impact and recovery guidance to help businesses get back up and running after physical perils as well as cyber events. Her areas of expertise include assessing and calculating business interruption, delay in start-up, increased cost of working and additional expense, stock reconciliations, cost reviews, audit and valuation of damaged stock, and working with legal teams to bring closure to disputed claims. Beverley’s claims and forensic accounting experience includes ports and terminals, renewable energy, hotels, construction, waste management, information technology, logistics and retail.


Beverley Black
Global Risk Solutions
London, UK