Darrell Smith

Senior Adjuster


With an extensive oilfield and adjusting career spanning over 40 years, Darrell started in the oil and gas industry as a drilling fluids engineer where he assisted in drilling wells at onshore, offshore and international locations. Darrell also worked at an independent oilfield service company specializing in the distribution of oilfield tubular equipment, during which he managed sales offices in Texas and California. Darrell has worked for 17 years as an energy insurance loss adjuster in Houston. He has handled a wide range of domestic and international claims specializing in control of well, onshore/offshore construction, physical damage (including rigs, compressors, tank batteries, offshore fixed and deep water floating platforms, subsea installations, and pipelines), business interruption/loss of production income, and pollution. Major loss assignments include various deep water claims for pipeline collapse during installation and floating platform riser failures (Gulf of Mexico); deep water marine riser failure (Brazil); various massive surface blowouts resulting in pollution and third-party claims (GOM, Louisiana, Venezuela, Mexico & Bolivia); pipeline construction claims and numerous onshore and offshore physical damage claims caused by named storms/hurricanes.