Jodi Ouellette

Finance & Operations Assistant CCS, USA

Carole Sab

Office Manager Complex Claims Solutions

Judi Gedda

Executive PA

Eilaf Osman

Office Manager – Qatar

Chris Burley

Associate Director - Construction & Property

Steve Smith

Associate Director Construction, Property & Specialist Liabilities

Sunil Patel

Loss Adjuster

Christopher Wylie

Regional Director Construction & Property

Martin Feeney

Liability & Construction Adjuster

Ronan Mitchell

Senior Loss Adjuster - Energy

Richard Booker

Senior Executive General Adjuster

Chris Eades

Regional Director - Energy

Joshua Roberts

Senior Engineering Adjuster

Jessica Henderson

Senior Loss Adjuster - Construction

Shadi Razouq

Manager - Abu Dhabi

Robert McNeil

Director - Energy

Robyn Simpson

Finance & Operations Assistant

David Russell

Manager - Dubai

Michael Clayton

Divisional Director - Construction

Ayman Morrar

Senior Loss Adjuster

Ali Saidi

Country Manager - Qatar

Nic Hannaford

Senior Loss Adjuster Construction

Peter Wiswell

Executive General Adjuster

Thompson Lykes


Mark Bourgeois

Senior General Adjuster

Stuart Platt

Executive General Adjuster

Carol Gregory

Executive General Adjuster

Ted Lawton

Complex Claims Solutions Contractor

Miguel Hernandez

Executive General Adjuster

Scott Smith

Head of Construction Liabilities

Mark Smith

Technical Director

Colin Ashford

Senior Loss Adjuster

Reubin Iqbal

Head of Construction Complex Claims Solution

Michael Grabowski

Executive General Adjuster

Chris Reeves

Head of Quantity Surveying

Sam Toumbev

Senior Forensic Accountant

Ashley Alberts


James Moomaw

Adjuster, Petroleum Engineer

Emma Kramer-Leary

Executive Assistant to CEO of CCS, USA

Darrell Smith

Senior Adjuster

Casey Walsh

Executive General Adjuster

Jeff Stenberg

Executive General Adjuster

Dennis Martin

Executive General Adjuster

Larry Gordon

Executive General Adjuster

Richard Anthony Johnson

Finance Director

Alexandra Pooley

Operations Assistant

Emma Moock

Loss Adjuster

Francesco Cecere

Loss Adjuster, Italy

Nick Baker

Senior Loss Adjuster

Paul Toon

Senior Engineering Consultant